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FMUSER radio station equipment favored by station operators and integrators is now widely used in various scales of radio broadcasting.

Complete Radio Station Euipment Packages

For example, drive-in theater broadcasting, drive-in church broadcasting, drive-through test broadcasting, campus broadcasting, community broadcasting, mining broadcasting, tourist attractions broadcasting, etc. Additionally, we also supply TV radio station equipment

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Geriausias pardavimo taškas

All FM broadcast transmitters have excellent audio quality and stable audio signal transmission. The control board is composed of stage power amplification to ensure the output effect of stereo sound quality.

Kompaktiška struktūra

Compact structure design with 0 frequency drift. High-quality aluminum alloy material shell with built-in cooling fan, which ensures the stability of continuous operation of the equipment. The intuitive LCD panel working frequency displaying with convenient hardware identification adjustment.

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Kodėl verta rinktis FMUSER

As an expert supplier and manufacturer of radio broadcast equipment supply, we also provide customized solutions for every specific broadcasting need at the optimal budget.

Reliable as Always

Including complete equipment packages with optimal options and real-time technical support from installation to after-sales service.

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