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Special Offer for FU-1000C



A Preview of FMUSER FU-1000C 1KW FM Transmitter

What are the characteristics of a high-quality kilowatt FM radio transmitter? Budget price? Famous brand? Or a CD-like auditory effect? If you need to buy a kilowatt-level transmitter that includes these characteristics, FMUSER hereby recommends this transmitter: FU-1000C 1000W FM radio broadcast transmitter.


FU-1000C FM transmitter front and back panel comparison


If you want to choose the best kilowatt-level FM broadcast transmitter, choose FU-1000C, you will add a powerful broadcast hardware device to your radio station at a reasonable price.


This is also the first best choice for most medium-sized FM radio station operators. Imagine that if you live in coastal countries or regions (such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.), you have to face unpredictable temperature and humidity, rainfall, sun exposure, and other uncontrollable factors.


No matter how beautiful the transmitter is or how famous the brand is, just with only one factor, for example, over-humid air, can those expensive transmitters be destroyed? No matter this transmitter is imported from Italy or the United States, uncontrollable factors will greatly shorten the life expectancy of the transmitter. So, why not choose a more budget FM broadcast transmitter?


FMUSER FU-1000C is The Most Picked 1KW FM Broadcast Transmitter

Please note that the value of the FU-1000C FM audio transmitter is much more than the above parameters. The FU-1000C broadcast FM transmitter is a 1000W FM transmitter equipped with a USB interface. But its professional FM broadcast capability can make you so blown away by its broadcast efficiency of it.


FU-1000C 1000 watt FM transmitter has combined multiple RF functions on its front panel for the customers


The embedded USB interface truly realizes the function of human-transmitter interaction, just with a few steps in a few minutes: take out your USB, plug it into the transmitter, use the jog dial, and the only thing left is to play the music!


Quite easy, right? That’s true, with this 1000 W FM broadcast transmitter, you can have the high-quality customized audio enjoyment brought by FMUSER FU-1000C


FU-1000C is the 1000W broadcast FM transmitter equipped with an RDS input interface, which allows you to explore more of your broadcast density (RCA input is also supported).


You can communicate with your audience with information in words in addition to audio signals so that your audience can get more information about your radio broadcast!


FU-1000C 1000W FM transmitter is equipped with front jog dial input, which is committed to designing for an excellent user experience.


Though this broadcast equipment is complicated in matters of operation and structure, it is such a gospel for someone, especially for the users who have strong antipathy towards those hard-to-use broadcast equipment, the jog dial still makes the equipment operation become more convenient.


Kalbant apie apsaugą, FU-1000C FM stereofoninis siųstuvas gali veiksmingai išvengti išorinių ir vidinių problemų, pavyzdžiui, perkaitintos temperatūros aspektu, štai koks bus tradicinis FM siųstuvas: darbo temperatūra vis aukščiau ir nesustos, kol siųstuvas neišdegs.


FU-1000C 1kw FM transmitter has combined multiple RF functions on its back panel for the customers


Instead, the FU-1000C FM radio transmitter will automatically become self-protected in the over-heated temperature, and additionally, its self-protection is still on when the standing wave ratio gets higher due to the mismatched connections of the FM broadcast antennas.


So choosing FU-1000C for your radio station means saving your time cost and improving work efficiency. The FU-1000C FM stereo broadcast transmitter has the characteristics of durability and practicality, which can effectively extend the actual service life of your radio station and can help you build a comprehensive radio signal coverage network in a large area.


FMUSER FU-1000C is the best Low-Cost 1KW FM Radio Station

If you want to make a stable medium-range FM broadcast in the following scenarios, then Fu-1000C is definitely your helper! As the best-selling 1000W FM transmitter for radio broadcast, FU-1000C has been proven to be able to use in a variety of different scenarios, including the drive-in Church, church parking lot, drive-in church, drive-in movie, etc.

Medium Power Drive in FM Transmitter Pickup

If you are a radio manager who manages a small town with many drive-in churches and drive-in theaters, a reliable FU-1000C FM broadcast transmitter can help you better manage your broadcast affairs and create unlimited business opportunities for you and your town.


If you're already running a drive-in church or drive-in movie or you want to try a new drive-in service, a reliable FM radio transmitter is needed to accompany you around.


Imagine how meaningful it is: to provide such warm, lively and safe family entertainment to countless families under the 2021 epidemic. “After the virus outbreak, my wife Sally and I spent many wonderful weekends in a car theater that is a mile away from home, and many other families were like us, hugging their families, watching movies on top of the car or inside the car.


"Can't wait to start another plan on the next coming weekend!"

--- Aaron, Ilocos Sur, Candon, Philippines

 FU-1000C 1kw FM transmitter has a professional streamlined design with a deep grey outlook


Being Pro FM Transmitter Not Only in Design

A good FM broadcast transmitter is not only with powerful performance, attractive appearance but more important is with a reasonable price. FU-1000C, a silver-black streamlined design compact FM transmitter, which combines those characteristics that the most common transmitters don't have, has been trusted by many FM radio station operators.


FU-1000C is the best FM transmitter for the drive-in church and drive-in theater, reasonable price and excellent performance is the fundamental reason why they choose the FU-1000C FM radio broadcast transmitter.


  • If you’re looking for the best 1000W FM transmitter for radio broadcast, choose FU-1000C.
  • If you’re looking for the best 1000W FM transmitter for the drive-in movies, choose FU-1000C.
  • If you’re looking for the best 1000W FM transmitter for the church broadcast, choose FU-1000C.
  • If you’re looking for the best 1000W FM transmitter for the church parking lot, choose FU-1000C.


FMUSER FU-1000C is very simple to use, sometimes you just need to plug the USB with the MP3 file into the interface and connect it to the power supply. You don't need to spend extra time studying the user manual or pay much attention to the tedious manual operation, the transmitter can work safely and normally.


You just need to focus on praying or playing the movie safely and the reliable FU-1000C will take care of the rest. FMUSER will also provide a simple installation operation video on YouTube to let you know more about FU-1000C in a very short time.

 a top view from the top of FU-1000C 1kw FM transmitter with its back panel


Outstanding Broadcast Quality Makes Everything Possible

FU-1000C represents the real kilowatt high broadcasting quality of every medium-sized FM radio station in the world. Besides reasonable price and powerful performance, practicality is also one of the biggest characteristics of FU-1000C.


With its amazing FM broadcasting quality, FU-1000C has successfully achieved high efficiency and popularity among broadcasting companies and is favored by professional/amateur FM radio lovers and many other FM broadcasting groups.


Some individuals will use it to launch a special radio wedding on an island.


"I met my beloved Kathy, we decided to hold a wedding on a small island near the city, and because I was an RF Engineer and I decided to have an unforgettable radio wedding for her. To set up a perfect radio broadcast place, I built a medium-sized FM radio station to broadcast our wedding for those relatives and friends who couldn't be present, with a broadcast frequency of 87.7mhz. Listen to the clear and noise-free music coming out of the radio, with everyone's blessings, we embraced tightly"

-- Ahmad, Jakarta, Indonesia


Žodžiu, FMUSER radijo transliacijos siųstuvas FU-1000C FM sugeba transliuoti daugiau nei galite įsivaizduoti.


a straight view of FU-1000C 1000 watts FM transmitter with blue front panel


A 1KW FM Transmitter That Truly Meet Your Ultimate Broadcasting Needs

Have you ever been bothered by these problems before you buy a kilowatt-level FM broadcast transmitter:


  • When purchasing a kilowatt-level FM stereo transmitter, what elements should you pay attention to?
  • Why not choose a 1500W FM transmitter or a 3000W FM transmitter, but instead, choose an FMUSER 1000W FM broadcast transmitter?
  • Any information I can get about buying an FM radio broadcast transmitter? What should I know before starting a plan on purchasing an FM broadcast transmitter for radio broadcast?


Most people will consider the brand first, followed by the price. In fact, in addition to the information mentioned above, some parameters of an FM broadcasting transmitter are also important reference conditions for purchase.


FMUSER hereby takes FU-1000C as an example in the following content to introduce several important parameters you should consider before purchasing a stereo FM transmitter.

 a straight view of the FU-1000C 1000W FM transmitter with its back panel


Garso iškraipymas 

Pirmiausia turėtumėte atsižvelgti į FM transliacijos siųstuvo iškraipymą. As you know, not every signal you input to the stereo FM transmitter can be completely transmitted from the same position, signal distortion is inevitable.


The amplifier of some FM audio transmitters has a signal amplification function, which will also cause distortion of the audio signal.


The RF engineers of FMSUER show us some amazing data: the FU-1000C FM audio transmitter's distortion test results were less than 30 Hz - 15000 Hz 0.02%, far below 0.02% of the public broadcast FM transmitter!


This is a blessing for those who pursue perfect audio quality from FM radio transmitters!


Stereo atskyrimas 

Tai yra pripažintas sveikas protas: stereofoninis atskyrimas gali būti puikus stereofoninį pojūtį veikiantis veiksnys. The more blurred the stereo separation, the weaker the stereo sense. Do you know the stereo separation value that most FM radio broadcast transmitters can achieve?


a straight view of the FU-1000C 1000 W FM transmitter with its front and back panel comparison


Yes, greater than or equal to 40 dB at 500 Hz.


This index is also stipulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission. But, luckily, the FU-1000C stereo FM transmitter of FMUSER can achieve more than 60 dB!


Still sounds like the best choice for your radio station, right? Let's create a greater stereo sound receiving experience for your radio station followers!


Garso apdorojimas 

How to keep the existing radio station audience and attract a more new audience is the eternal discussing topic for the radio station operators. But it is certain that no one is willing to listen to the radio program full of noise.


So the question is, how can you completely transmit the high fidelity radio signal to the audience? Don't worry, FU-1000C can perfectly solve this problem.


As an FM stereo transmitter with a high signal-to-noise ratio ( 70dB), just add an FU-1000C FM radio transmitter to your radio station, you won't have to worry about all kinds of annoying broadcast noise anymore!


Of course, you can use the accurate data obtained by the FMUSER test team after testing the FU-1000C radio FM transmitter as a reference to choose other FM stereo transmitters, but FMUSER sincerely hopes that you can benefit from your choice.

RF dalis
moduliacija Dažnio moduliacijos
Dažnio stabilizavimo metodas PLL faze užrakinta kilpa
Nominalus perdavimo dažnis 87 MHz - 108 MHz (kitus dažnius galima pritaikyti)
Dažnio nuokrypis ± 75 Hz
Dažnio žingsnio reikšmė 50 kHz
Išėjimo varža 50 Ω
RF išvesties jungtis L29-K arba kitos nurodytos jungtys
Išėjimo RF galia 0-1000 W nuolat reguliuojamas
Išėjimo galios nuokrypis ± 10 W
RF efektyvumas
> 75%
Piloto dažnio nuokrypis
± 0.1 Hz
Harmoninės spinduliuotės slopinimas
<-70 dB
Vidinė liekamoji bangų spinduliuotė
<-70 dB
Aukšto laiko harmoninė spinduliuotė
<-65 dB
Parazitinis moduliacijos triukšmas
<-50 dB

Garso dalis
Garso įvesties sąsaja XLR / USB / RCA
Garso įvesties lygis <15 dBV
Ženklo triukšmo santykis ≥ 70 dB (1 kHz, 100 % moduliacija)
Stereo atskyrimas ≥ 60 dB (L → R, R → L)
Iškraipymas ≤ 0.02% (30 Hz - 15000 Hz, 100% moduliacija)
Atsako dažnis 50 - 15000 Hz
Išankstinis garso įkėlimas 0 μs / 50 μs / 75 μs neprivaloma
Kairiojo ir dešiniojo kanalo lygio skirtumas ≤0.05 dB (100% moduliacija)

Bendroji dalis
Važiuoklės dydis 2U (ilgis 530 mm × plotis 340 mm × aukštis 100 mm)
Važiuoklės dydis 2U (ilgis 20.8 colio × plotis 13.3 colio × aukštis 4 coliai)
Mašinos masė 10 kg
Mašinos masė 22 kg
Šilumos išsklaidymas Režimas: Oro aušinimas
Standartinė važiuoklė 19 cm
Išorinė valdymo sąsaja
Apsaugos režimas palaikoma aukšta temperatūra ir aukšta VSWR apsauga
Santykinė drėgmė
Aukštis Aukštis
<4500 M
Maitinimo įtampa
100 VAC – 240 VAC / 50 Hz
Veikti aplinkos temperatūra
-10 ° C - + 45 ° C
Maksimali galia
Vartojimas: 1500 W

Main Highlights of FU-1000C 1kW  FM Transmitter


  • All-in-one Rack Type Design: comes with excellent broadcast experience as well as "dead-easy" operation, this 1000W FM radio transmitter is one of the best choices of low-power medium-sized FM broadcast radio stations.
  • Practical USB Design: the audio input interface can help you quickly import and automatically identify MP3 audio signals of all kinds of custom content, you can always switch any of different audio content at any time
  • Outstanding Audio Mode Design: switched single/stereo audio mode is optional for you to meed your special audio playback need
  • SCA / RDS Subcarrier Input: is supported for the combining use of text broadcast signal and the audio broadcast signal, which enhances the human-machine-human interaction and expands the diversity of traditional broadcast
  • XLR / RCA / USB Inputs:  stereo audio signals are supported to arbitrarily adjust the size of the audio gain function, which makes the radio broadcast much more joyful
  • 1KW TPO: can be tuned up to 1000W and a one-button on/off function is supported
  • Innovative SWR Protection: it ensures that the problem caused by the abnormal SWR does not affect the transmitter operation, if there is no antenna to connect to the transmitter, or when the antenna is mismatching to the transmitter, the function will be automatically started and protect the transmitter.
  • Completely Inside Accessory Protection: When the fuselage temperature is too high, the transmitter will automatically enter the protection state, which can effectively avoid a series of serious impacts from the internal temperature of the transmitter.
  • Micro-Processing Solution: ensures the durability and efficiency of the FM radio transmitter
  • RS232 Remote Control Technology: can connect to the computer for remote controlling so that you can implement instant operation without face-to-face operating the transmitter
  • Signal Transmission Control: it has truly achieved the industry-leading ultra-low-emission power and frequency deviation standard


Taip pat žiūrėkite


  • Standartinis 153 x 50 mm OLED ekranas yra pritaikytas taip, kad būtų galima sklandžiau ir aiškiau rodyti duomenis realiuoju laiku
  • Bėgimo ratukas gali supaprastinti operaciją ir efektyviai pagerinti jūsų darbo efektyvumą, o tai gali žymiai sumažinti laiko sąnaudas
  • Integruota meniu slaptažodžių apsaugos technologija gali išvengti klaidos ir apsaugoti jūsų labai konfidencialų failų turinį
  • Palaikomas visos antenos nuolatinės bangos santykio nuskaitymas, leidžiantis automatiškai aptikti antenai tinkamiausią dažnių diapazoną.
  • Įmontuotas nerimą keliantis žurnalų registratorius su automatinės apsaugos aliarmo ir žurnalo įrašymo funkcija yra paruoštas naudoti.
  • Duomenų stebėjimo realiuoju laiku technologija suteikia jums galimybę stebėti pagrindinio ekrano garso signalą
  • 19 colių standartinė važiuoklė su 2U aukščiu gali visiškai patenkinti jūsų poreikius
  • 1 * FMUSER 1000W FM Transmitter



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